Gretna Public Schools

gretna-schools-logoThe Gretna Public Schools District #37 came into being through the realignment of the rural district #48 in 1888. Major consolidation of rural districts took place in 1957.  Minor changes have occurred over the years so that the present size of approximately 70 square miles has been reached.

There are 6784 household addresses in the district.  The district population of 17911(as of June 30, 2014) includes 1363 children ages 4 and under, 4396 children ages 5-18, and 641 college-age students.

Centrally located between Lincoln and Omaha, the community uniquely weaves its large city ties with rural character.  These appealing characteristics draw many families hoping to raise their children in a small town atmosphere with a sense of community.




Kevin M Riley


Gretna Public Schools

11717 S 216 St.

Gretna NE 68028



Board Members

David Gulizia, President

Rick Hollendieck. Vice President

Kevin Svec, Secretary

Ron Johns, Treasurer

Dawn Stock

Ann Sackett